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Energy Matters

 E N E R G Y 

Let's talk about it.

It's in everything we do, have, and create. 

Everything in this world is made up of energy. 

That's how Marie Kondo made such a name for herself. 

She knew that even the items in our homes held energy. She knew if we focused on them for a moment that we would be able to connect to things like clothing, or Tupperware and realize if they brought us joy or not. If not, to the dump or donation box they go!

When you stop, and truly disconnect from the outer world for a moment and really focus on your self and whats within, you can find the answer to whatever question it is you are asking.

I have been using energy to help me decide so many things in my life for decades now.

Each decade I become better at it and my intuition becomes stronger.

I N T U I T I O N = E N E R G Y 

You have heard it a million times, I'm sure. But listening to your intuition is so important. Some refer to it as following your heart, or your gut. It’s all the same. And it all stems from energy. 

I have a strong belief system around the idea that "what we think we create" and thats because I know that our thoughts are just energy signals being sent out into the universe and will eventually act like a boomerang and be sent back to me in life form.

My entire life I grew up with this belief system.

As I grew it grew with me. 

After high school I even attended Hocking College for Holistic Health in hopes to become a life coach using these exact principles and beliefs to heal others. 

Life is designed with many obstacle and mine lead me to hair. 

Which, if I am being honest was always my first true love. Looking back it actually makes perfect sense why college never worked out for me. From a very young age I had a passion for hair and makeup, and making others feel beautiful. I spoke that life into existence since I was 5 years old (literally I would tell my mom "No mom, I got it") So when I was entering my 20's the universe brought to life what I had been telling it, my peers, and my self my entire existence; I wanna be a hairstylist. 

However, these last 10 years this passion of energy healing has been laying dormant inside of me. It creeps out occasionally in Facebook groups, or one on one conversations with clients and friends. Within the last 2 years it has shown up even more in the form of this blog, that then became a podcast. It's even showing itself in the form of my online masterclasses, and retreats now.

It's starting to slowly ignite a flame inside me again, a true calling, where I know I'm meant to be. I have been superficially healing people behind the chair for a decade, and I can feel something rising inside me. I am being pulled in a new direction, with a bigger purpose, a divine healing process under neath the surface. 

I can feel so many changes coming, and I have been feeling so lead to stop, look, and listen to what is happening within me; how it makes me feel to do certain things; be with certain people and what life is telling me to do. 

I was recently told by a mentor:

"When you feel like you are 'waiting' for the next chapter in your life its because you are 'weighted' down by things (physically and emotionally)" 

It was in that moment I realized I needed to create physical space in my life for the things I wanted in the future.

For example:

One of the things I want in the future is a man. An equal who I can share this journey with. A supportive, loving being who gets me. So I literally cleaned out my closet and one whole side of my shower to create actual space for him one day. Like anything else, the universe doesn't know you are ready for something unless you show it you are. 

Another thing I want in the future is to grow my coaching business to touch the lives of women all over the the world. Therefore I am in the process of hiring a Personal Assistant, organizing my finances and current work systems to make sure everything is running the a well oiled machine before I start really devoting time to growing another business. But I am showing the universe I'm ready for the next steps. 

E N E R G Y had everything to do with the decisions I was making in order to create more space for my future with these two things. 

It actually lead me to re doing my bedroom. My sacred space. My paradise. 

As I grow, so does my style and taste in things. But this bedroom re-do was different. 

This time was the first time I allowed it to show who I really am to my core and not who Pinterest thinks I am, by looking at my boards.

I used to hide all my cards and crystals in box or drawer. This time I displayed them all beautifully on a huge shelf as a reminder to who I am each morning, but more importantly for the universe to see I am authentically showing up as ME finally. 

I wanted one whole space in my life where I could always feel safe showing up as me. 

The 'me' I've working my ass off to create over the last 30 years, but more specifically the last 2. 

Forcing myself to create space for new things, new energy is how I know a new chapter in my life is coming. I can feel the pages turning. I know something big is on the horizon and I think it has everything to do with the two examples listed above. 

I can feel it in the depths of my heart, my big love is on it's way to me. 

In whatever form it's supposed to be, however long it's meant to take.

I just know it's in motion to me.

I can also feel a shift coming in the career. I am being strongly pulled in the direction of healing women, whatever that looks like, however I show up is for the future and I to decide. But I can feel it coming as well. Like when a storm is rolling in and everything shifts outside, thats how my soul seems lately. 

So babe, whats your space feel like?

What's it look like?

Do you even have a space?

Where can you create that space?

But more importantly, what needs to be let go of in

order to bring new things into your life?

Stop clinging, and stares energy cleaning!

When the energy is good in your soul thats where real healing can begin. 

xo- Molls

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