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Babe Cave Tour

(Couch is from Walmart, Pillows are from Marshalls, Guitar is Nashville inspired and strictly decor haha. I had intensions of learning, but never made it a priority)

Last spring when I left my husband I got my own apartment. It was beautiful and everything I needed it to be; for me then.

Last fall I realized I needed to spend less money on things and spend more time on healing, myself. This meant me moving back in with my parents. After being gone for almost 7 years. No one ever wants to move back home. But in doing so, it was the best possible thing for my daughter and I. It allowed us both time to just BE, and it gave me the freedom to travel and do things I would have never been able to do.

(Rug is from wayfair, coffee table is from Amazon, bookshelf is from Target, tv stand is actually a dresser and from wayfair also)

This summer I took a leap of faith and got my own place, again.

(Chairs are from a friend, Thanks Megan & Matt)

It was so good for my soul.

It's been so enlightening how much the energy of a space can affect your entire mindset. When I walk in the door, its like my entire body just exhales a deep breath.

(Plants are from IKEA, Letter board is from Target, Light is from Amazon)

As an almost 30 year old single mother, I knew the place had to be functional, and sophisticated.

Just steps away from downtown and the skyline view out my windows, I wanted to fulfill all my Carrie Bradshaw dreams.

(Cactus is from marshals, signs and decor are from Hobby Lobby)

My entire life I have loved stuff. I have always used shopping as a void filler. Moving was of course an excuse to shop, but I made this experience different. I wanted better quality pieces, and less quantity of shit.

(End table is from Marshals, White faux rug & pillow cases are from IKEA, lamp is from Target)

I wanted the space to reflect me, the new me, and the me I have yet to become. It needed to be classic and something I could grow into.

(Bar stools are from Target, wood "M" sign is from an ETSY seller I met at a vintage market)

I wanted the space to feel safe. For myself, and for my toddler. I wanted it to be a place her and I felt comfortable kicking our shoes off at as soon as we walked in the door, and making messes all across the living room and into the kitchen.

(Drawing by Haddy, taking pre orders now)

I wanted this to feel like H O M E

(Picture frames from IKEA, printables from ETSY, vase from Hobby Lobby, flowers from Aldi)

I don't know what the next year will bring, whom I will meet, where I will go, what color my hair will be..

(Book ends and stand from Target, Jars from World Market, Cook books are slowly being collected haha)

But what I do know, is that it will all happen inside these 4 walls.

(Soaps and holder from Bath & Body Works, paper towel holder and dish cleaning supplies from Marshals)

It will all organically come to life here, in a completely new city, in a completely new way.

In our completely new home.

(White drawers from Marshals, plant from IKEA, towel from Target, ORIBE from The Blowout Bar lol, and apothecary jars were my Grans)

(Marble bath set is from Marshals, Washboards were also Grans, Mini mirror, flowers AND the cart they are in are all from Target)

(Frames are from IKEA, printables are from ETSY)

(What? Everyone does it. Psh. Besides I'm potty training a toddler here people.)

Now, don't let these pictures fool you. I am the messiest person I know. My closet (not pictured on purpose) is busting with unpacked boxes, mounds of clean clothes I have yet to put away because the dresser I plan to put them in is still in a box. On the floor. Next to them.

(Bed from Walmart, Pillows from Marshals, Comforter is "The Buffy")

There are pieces of an IKEA desk, still needing assembled sitting in the other corner of my bedroom because as a single mother who has eliminated the majority of those who ran in her circle, its hard to put that Swedish shit together solo.

(Mirror is from IKEA and only comes in black, so I white washed it, rug is from tj max, night stands are from wayfair, mini rocking chair was a gift for Haddy)

I joke about it, but the other night I actually cried for like 20 minutes over the matter. The matter of not having a handy man around 24/7 anymore. To put shit together, hang curtain rods, or medicine cabinets. Not that I NEED a man to do those things for me, but it's made me realize there are certain tasks that just take four hands.

I never knew this about myself, until living here but I don't like to ask for help.

I think it made me feel weak, needy, and like a burden, subconsciously.

I'll never forget the anxiety I felt the weekend before moving as I had all intensions of driving a huge as 15 footer by myself, down tiny city streets, full of construction to move.

I asked for help from two of my girlfriends and their fam's. I asked them to help me load & unload only the heavy stuff into the truck.

It and it took me 2 weeks to muster up to courage to even do so.

However, as moving day arrived, one girlfriend came over and loaded my entire truck and SUV with me. The next day my other friend showed up with her family, and they all helped me unload everything, make a second trip back to my parents, unload more, and organized my entire kitchen, and unpacked for me.

Moral of my story is, I'm learning to ask for help more. Because when we ask for help, we usually get more than we bargained for and those who help us are able too fill up their cups by servicing the ones they love.

Meanwhile my cup is runneth over from the amount of support they showed & continue to show me, as Marcy was begging to organize my closet the other day while she took these epic fucking photos.

(Bench from amazon)

You always hear "it takes. village" to raise a child.

I think it takes a village to live. Period.

I hope, during the rest of my lifetime I encounter more souls like them, who want to come together for the greater good of humanity and help one another with the simplest tasks, even big ones like moving, or putting together IKEA desks (wink wink)

So thank you.

Thank you Dakota,

Thank you Marcy, Damien, and Ella.

Thank you to my parents for letting me live rent free for 6 months, and basically being the second set of parents to Hadley the last year.

I couldn't have done shit without any of you.

None of this would be possible without all of you.

So cheers to me, my new digs,

and my favorite city.

Excited to see what the next 12 months bring...

All photos by Marcy Harris Ortiz - follow her @marcyharrisortizphotog

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