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Your story is yours to write

"I never graduated high school. I never went to college and let’s be honest I’ve never worked a full time job for more than a couple of years. I have three kids whom are by three different men. I’m sure society would have some awful things to say about me and maybe people who read this will as well"


Guyyyyyysssss. This woman right here is not only beautiful on the outside, but even more stunning on the inside. She's been such supporter of mine the last 6 months and I can't wait too her all of her dreams come true! Keep reading to hear her story and experience what a real, honest, raw women looks like!

"The best part about me and the most important thing that I’ve learned, Is not to care. I don’t have to justify that to anyone. Not even our creator because he knows me. He knows my heart and he forgave me a long time ago.

Life has given me many struggles. The enemy has thrown death and illness both in my face several times. Left me on the ground angry bitter and wondering where do I go from here. You see none of this defines who I am. none of those things tell you my future. All of these were just life‘s lessons that taught me the knowledge and wisdom I have today. These are only chapters in my life, but I have yet to write a whole story.

I have learned that my story is up to me. It doesn’t matter what the world throws at you it. doesn’t matter what society thinks of you. It doesn’t evenmatter what Jane down the street thinks of you! Or what your doctor your kids teacher, the principal & the people on Facebook or Instagram. None of that matters. What does matter is what you think of you.

What does matter is the message that you want to leave on this earth. What is the gift that you want people to receive from you. What do you want to share? What energy do you want to offer up? What’s the feeling you want people to have when you walk into a room? You see, not only is this important for the lives you have touched but it’s important for your life. The most important thing to feed your soul is positivity (and we my beauties call this soul food).

'We are all a little broken, each in our own way but the last time I checked broken crayons all color the same'.

When the world says you can’t- you show them Just how much you can. Sounds silly but that strength, my faith and those silly words have brought me to where I am. No I don’t have it all but what I do have; is big dreams.

Our parents always told us you can be anything you want to be. If you dream it and you believe it you can achieve it. Well I’m hear to tell you that Disney based message is true. It's that simple.

I’m my own worst critic. I’m my biggest enemy in life. I’m not perfect nor will I ever be. Again guess what? I’m okay with not being perfect because perfection doesn’t exist.

I’m still practicing sell love. That is one of the hardest thing for me to learn. Not so much of who I am as a person but what I look like on the outside. All those imperfections I see, knowing that all those who love me don’t . As I said I’m growing in this part of self development. The closer I make my relationship with our savior the more I learn to let go and love who I am. When your goals or your dreams don’t happen when you’re ready just remember that it’s not about your time it’s about when is then right time. With a little love and a lot of faith, THAT my beautiful people Is when the time will come.

Nothing in life worth anything seems to come easy right ? So why are we all so impatient when it doesn’t happen over night? We live in a world where everyone wants their information and all their success etc, Instantly. Life doesn’t happen that way. We worry about so many things and waste so much precious energy. That all the the important moments in life, all the memories we could be making... all that precious time we can’t ever get back. What happened to the days when we worried about the rain because we wanted to play outside or how many times we could make it around the block without stopping.. Or when we actually had to pick up a book and research what we wanted? When we had to work for that promotion, that dream job or achievement award. Now we all want a trophy.

We live in a world of entitlement. All of that truly brings out the ugly in the world. That’s what soceity wants you to focus on. The negative. If we were all happy then that wouldn’t be right. That wouldn’t be normal! Wrong!!! First you have to ask yourself what is happiness to me? Find that place and live there. Every chance you get. You’re Always going to have ups and down & obstacles- you name it. But if your balanced and your energy is positive you will pull through. Allow your light to shine bright (whatever that light may be). Be honest, humble and spread love.

Last thing that I feel is really important is to watch your circle. Guard your heart and protect your mind. Sounds like it should be opposite . It’s not , guard your heart but don’t be guarded. Don’t have walls up so big and so heavy that you can’t receive the wonderful things and all life’s blessings that this world has in store for you. Guard your heart by spreading your love and your gift but only letting in good and listening to good. That brings me to protect your mind. What we hear and see will affect us. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself? Do a little test. When you speak negative, when you see negative, when you hear negativity.. it will eventually consume you. That is why those two things are so important. I suffer from sever OCD and anxiety. To the point where I thought I had zero control of my life or any of my decisions. This way of thinking and living has helped me transform my life tremendously. I don’t have a PHD in Psychology, I’m not a professional motivational speaker (yet) but what I do believe in; is my gift. One of the many gifts that I have to offer. Yes I said many because it’s OK to love yourself a lot. Be grateful to others but also be grateful to yourself! As I said in the beginning I have BIG dreams and day by day they get bigger and I only get closer to making them my reality. It’s possible for me or for any of you. With a little love and a lot of faith 😉

Hi Beauties My Name is Nicole. I’m a stay at home mom of three kids and three fur babies. Life is crazy. So I’m here to help woman find the beauty and the purpose in their own crazy. I’m here to make an impact. I’m a Beauty Guide with Lime Light by Alcone. It’s given me the vessel to do what’s in my soul. Which is deliver my message & to open the eyes of those who no longer have an imagination, or are able to see their worth ♥️ I Just want to coach people on how to be positive. Not just look pretty but feel pretty and not just look their best but BE their best♥️ by being exactly who they are ....themselves💋 "

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