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Blonde Vs. Brunette Mentality

As a hair stylist I have had tons of different cuts & colors. 

I have had everything from my natural, blonde, to jet black, and hot pink bangs.

I started coloring my hair when I was in 7th grade. (Thanks Mom)

I will never forget it. She  took me to her stylist to get highlights, as my natural was getting darker with each passing year. I felt so 'cool'. It was something I looked forward to every time now. Lots of girl talk, with amazing women I looked up to.

In high school one of my best friends and I experimented with box dye. That was my first and last personal experience with it. I took my beautiful, paid for, platinum blonde hair (sorry mom)  to piss poor highlighter yellow thanks to drug store aisle temptations. Which then lead me to go brunette, by a professional don't worry.

Not only in that experience did I learn the damage  box dye can cause, and how I should have just trusted a professional, I also experienced being brunette for the first time. 

I didn't feel like myself. I couldn't get blonde soon enough.

Once I made it back to blonde, I stayed there a while. 

I have clients tell me all the time, that they feel most like themselves when they are blonde, or brown. Everyone has that ONE color that's just "them". I know you are thinking of yours own go to color right now!

For me it was always blonde. So over the last decade I have been some vision of it with a slight detour in hair school when I experimented with those hot pink bangs & jet black hair. But the majority of my life was spent with some type of bleach on my head every 6 weeks. 

However, when I turned 29 this last October, something inside me changed. 

Something in me shifted. I wasn't the same person internally anymore, and I

wanted the outside to reflect that. 

You know the whole saying when a girl leaves a man, if she changes her hair color then she's never coming back & it's really over?

It was like that, but had nothing to do with a man.

It had everything to do with a life I no longer wanted to live. 

We made jokes that brunette Molly gets S H I T done.

Almost 6 months later and I am still brunette and still getting shit done. 

I think as women its amazing we have the ability to channel different energy and evoke different powers whenever we want. One of the simplest ways is through hair color. There is just something about transforming ourselves in a few short hours that is empowering. I even see this confidence booster when I do NBR Extensions on my clients. 

When I was blonde, I felt so sassy, fun, and just spunky. It was what I identified myself with most. It's what brought me a lot of my clients since I specialize in blending service, it made the most sense for me to be blonde. You attract what you are. Hell I even named my first salon 'Beauty & The Blondes'. 

When I am brunette, I feel badass, sexy, serious, and ambitious. It really exemplifies who I am NOW, and who I am in this moment. 

Blonde Molly & Brunette Molly aren't the same person. 

I'm not that girl, I'll never be that girl again.

I'm not saying I will never be blonde again (never say never, especially when it contains Molly + the word blonde in the same sentence) But for me, this is a symbol of a new era, a new chapter. This is my new life and I can't wait to see where these brunette locks take me next. 

Thoughts become things,

so choose wisely. 


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