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Female version of BEAST mode is BITCH mode

Meet Dakota Ya'll !

My hype girl, my right hand woman and officially the CEO of HMM Styling.

I knew instantly this broad was destined to be on my tribe. She's young in years but old in wisdom. I am so honored to be featuring her on the first of many "Featured Fridays" right here on the HMM Blog. You won't want to miss this, and the other girl bosses you will meet, and get to know every week.

You can follow her journey Dakota here:

“ I want to take a minute to get something off of my chest, and I am writing this in the heat of passion, so if I seem irritated it's because I am. Maybe you’ll read this and think of someone who is bringing negativity into your life or maybe you’ll realize that maybe you haven’t been being the best friend to someone you care about. I want to talk to you about life, and what it means to be a good person and how that by no means getting walked all over or taken advantage of by people who call their selves FRIENDS, or FAMILY. Anyone who pretends to have your best interest at heart, but its plain to see that they do not. You have no obligation to anyone to cater to them, to take their abuse, to let them lie to you, use you or manipulate you. We've all been there. I bet you're thinking about someone right now, that called themselves a loved one. And deep down you know something is off. They hurt your feelings on a regular basis, and not because they're coming from a place of love. Especially in today's society where people can hide behind a screen, and twist things around. "Oh I didn't mean it like that!" No Martha, you did mean it. So why don't you own up to it? They don't because they are benefitting from their relationship with you. PARASITE: an organism that lives in or on another organism (it's host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense. a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return. Sound like someone you know? Generally when people meet me, they make one of the following observations. I am quiet. I can either be sweet and talkative or reserved and soft spoken. I can be friendly to everyone that I meet and I am genuine about it. Or I can keep to myself and not make an effort to make conversation. Inside my head I'm observing, if I'm quiet its because I'm listening. Something I hear I'm quite good at. And when I have something to say I will say it. If I don't speak it's because I have nothing to add or because I think whatever you're talking about is bullshit. With age I have come to learn that not every conversation needs my opinions. I don't have to have the same view point that George has, because George and I are not the same person. Where I draw the line, is when George insults me or someone that I care about. Again, to be specific... I have had my feelings hurt by friends and family. I’ve been told things I didn't want to hear. But those things were the truth, and they were things I needed to hear, and things that were said out of love. I don't need people to kiss my ass. I am far from perfect and I can accept that. But what I can't accept are people that kick me when I'm down. Or people that have ulterior motives for being my "friend." I would rather be alone than have 100 fake friends. I have learned over time that some people seem to be clueless on what it means to be a good friend. A good friend is reliable. Shows up when they say they are going to. A good friend always has your back when you aren't around to watch it yourself. A good friend isn't afraid to tell you the truth when it's in your best interest. A good friend checks in on you and cares when you're going through a hard place. A good friend is aware of the fact that maybe your cup is empty. They don't try to take things from you when you have nothing to give. An even better friend would ask, what can I do for you? A good friend is there to listen when you need to talk, without always having the intention of replying. Sometimes we just need to vent. It is so simple to show in little ways that you care. No one expects you to solve all of their problems but you can do world of good to someone by just being genuine and kind. I feel like I try my best to be kind when I can, and a good friend or co worker or acquaintance or family member, so when someone else is consistently not being a good friend to me, I call bullshit. If I'm constantly doing things for you, being there for you when you need me, putting your name out there, doing you favors, listening to you, applauding your success, asking you what you need, and you can't have enough respect for me to be KIND... I. DONT. NEED. YOU. I'm calling on you, now that you've read this to find your inner bitch and put your foot down. Say no to someone who is taking advantage of you. Say no to the parasites that are thriving off of you at your own expense. Say no to the people that clearly don't have your best interest at heart. Say no to the people that take and take and take from you but never offer anything in return. I'm not saying all of your friends need to cater to your every need at all times but they can at LEAST show you kindness and sensitivity from time to time. Everyone deserves that. YOU deserve that!!! Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself! Tell someone no doesn’t make you a bad person. You can tell people that what they're doing is not okay. You can tell people no when they want something from you that you don't have to give. You can tell your friend that she hurt your feelings. You can unfriend people on social media that don't bring happiness to your life. YOU CAN SAY NO. So here's to all you bitches out there, taking a stand for yourselves. Happy Friday Y’all!

-Dakota Travis”

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