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How extensions can change your life: The NBR way

Do you have thin, fine hair? Does it not want to grow past your shoulders? Have you tried vitamins, products, and other things on the market to stimulate growth? Maybe you have thick hair but just need some additional length?

Would you believe me if I told you it only takes a few hours to have gorgeous, natural looking, seamless and blended, Victoria Secret Model hair?

Well you should! Because I can! Natural Beaded Rows is an epic extension method created by Danielle K White of DKW Styling. She's such an incredible stylist, mother, wife + business mentor.

I recently traveled to California to the first ever BMS Convention to learn the method, and mindset behind NBR + BMS (Big Money Stylist- the business portion) from her + her husband, her business partner. Her and Garrett J White of Wake up Warrior, literally changed my life.

I learned not only a technique but the worth we have for ourself as women comes from within. Hair is actually one of the biggest factors in how we view ourselves. It's usually the first impression others have of us as well.

I know, long before I became a stylist hair was a big part of my life. If it didn't look and feel right, neither did I. It never would grow past a certain point. It always looked stringy on my ends, as my hair is very thin and fine. Growing up I was a natural blonde. As I got older, it got darker. I began having it highlighted in the 7th grade. My mom not only spent hundreds on it, but we spent hours + hours coloring, cutting, and curling it up into tiny sponges every Saturday night prepping my pony tails for cheer comps on Sundays. Not to mention the amount of hair spray, French braids + glitter beatings my hair took daily with cheering on the sidelines.

As I entered the beauty industry I began experimenting. Experimenting with colors. No but like really, every freaking color. I tried different techniques and my hair went through multiple chemical haircuts, and tragic damage.

My hair just was never my 'dream hair' or Pinterest worthy (even though that was never around growing up)

I began wearing extensions personally over 5 years ago. I have tried all methods. Each one slightly better than the last. However most, left my head feeling tender, sore, or damaged my hair even more during the removal process. My hair has gotten to the point of where I actually NEED extensions in, in order to feel confident currently.

Once I found NBR, I instantly knew this was a game changer. I have NEVER seen a method more realistic, natural looking, and user friendly. You are able to pull your hair up and not have to worry about them showing.

They are the biggest confidence booster, and take a lot of the daily worry out of your haircare routine.

Follow the journey as I give one of my clients the mermaid hair she has always dreamed of!

Meet Alex! Alex was referred to me by a friend. This is about as long as her hair has ever been. You can see here, her hair is fine, and doesn't have much body to it.

Before she even sat in my chair we had connected multiple times. Through social media, an application process where she applied for NBR. It's a form I have all my clients fill out in order to see if they are a good candidate, what their hair currently looks like and what their goals are.

I pre color the extensions before Alex even steps foot into the loft.

This is the detail that makes the biggest difference.

It's what makes them blend so naturally with the clients actual hair.

After consulting with Alex on how the appointment is going to go, we then begin coloring her hair to her desired look. All the while, chatting, laughing and in her case doing a full on photoshoot with the love Marcy of Coterie of Columbus.

For Alex we decided to do a smudge root similar to her natural color, to keep her maintenance low and the keep her ends super blonde and dimensional.