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Release Your Inner Bitch

Bitch. A word that is used now more than ever. A word that has a lot of negative content around it when spoken. Although at times bitch, can even be used as a term of endearment. People tend to toss it around like hate mail.

I feel like when you think of a bitch, you immediately think of someone you don't like. Someone who has wronged you. Someone who you feel is heartless + mean.

I don't feel any of those things when I'm personally describing the term.

I think that society and the way everyone perceives the word needs to evolve.

Everyone needs to get out from the shell they are living under and stop giving words so much power. Stop allowing others perception of you to control you.

I recently spent a week in Huntington Beach, CA. While I was there I heard multiple speakers who discussed multiple topics that all pertained to growing our businesses, as hairstylist.

One speaker spoke on 'channeling your inner bitch' and it really hit home for me.

Being a bitch doesn't mean you are someone who is hateful, or hurtful or even harmful to others. Being a bitch just means you are a 'Babe In Total Control of Herself'. It means not letting everyone walk all over you. Not letting others take advantage of you. Not letting everyone else's wants + needs out way yours. Setting priorities and living with intention.

Being a bitch to me, means you are a woman who stands up for what you believe in. You don't take peoples shit. You allow yourself to grow while taking responsibility for your actions. Being a bitch to me means that you put yourself first. It means saying NO to others so that you can finally say YES to yourself, your family, your time.

This year I have discovered my inner bitch.

And next year I am going to practice releasing her.

We all need to stop giving words so much power. We all need to stop giving others control over us, our time, and our dreams. We all need to listen to our gut, follow our intuition and allow ourselves to be ourselves.

Stop trying to become what society thinks you should become. Stop letting others hold you back. Stop being someone you're not. Stop. Stop. Stop.

The past 6 weeks I have been realizing my full potential. I have been removing those from my life who have been holding me back, and whom I'm sure I've been holding back. I've been making myself a priority. I am being a bitch. And this is just the beginning of my transformation. This is just the beginning of me being a bitch. Next year I'm going to practice releasing my inner bitch more. Next year I am going to stay true to myself.

So the next time someone calls me a bitch, I am just going to reply

Thank You.

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