Sup sis,

I'm so glad you're here. Whatever led you here, no matter how many times you thought about clicking my link or if this your first happy accident landing here...

My names Molly and I am a holistic life coach that focuses on mindset & manifesting massive transformation in mine, my stylists' (I'm also a salon owner) and my clients lives whenever they are in my energy the last 10+ years


So like I said, whatever lead you here

It's all happened in divine timing and we have crossed paths for a reason. Rather we become insta bff's or my services are only needed for a season, I'm here for you.

-xoxo, Molls


Need a virtual BFF?
Do you want more clarity?

Do you need accountability?
Are you ready for change?


Creating your dream life isn't only about manifesting and magic.

It's about unbecoming everything we no longer need to be to become exactly who we've always been, deep within.


Her Mind Matters Media

The Podcasts 

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Molly Was Meek

The eBook

High school bullies, divorced parents, daddy issues, cheating husband, failing businesses, broken friendships, trying to find my worth in men, and motherhood are some of the things that built me and are all the foundations of what my books written upon.


But like me, it's not your typical ebook.


Each chapter leaves you with a thought-provoking journal prompt.


You get to see all the skeletons in my closet.


And learn the methods that I have manifested my entire life from.

Yes, I still do hair!

My day's behind the chair are limited but my books are open and available to referrals or current guest only.

Book an appointment with me at Salon Echo
whenever I'm in Columbus