The Daddy Diaries: Part 2

Daddy diaries 2




Fuck. Now I can’t sleep.

Fuck. Now I have a date to prep for.

Okay, sleep for a few hours & prep all morning before work.

Beep. Beep. beeppp.

Annoying fucking alarm sound.

I should really change that.

Wow. 9 am came fast.

And 9pm is going to come even faster.

He said we’re doing drinks.

Then my place 😋

Oh shit! My place 😳

This apartment is atrocious.

Okay okay.


I spent the next 3 hours cleaning, spraying all the smelly goods, showering, and shaving every square inch from the neck down that God blessed me with.

Hair did ✅

Lashes did ✅

Sexy outfit laid out ✅

Okay now put normal outfit on & get your ass to work. Oh wait wait, trash. Grab the trash bags bitch.

This ain’t waste management.

3 pm

5 pm


8 fucking pm

Never in my life have I cleaned the salon, and driven home so fast! Only to jump back in the shower to freshen up since I was basically a swamp ass all day blow drying hair.

“Ready for you daddy” send

Oh. My. God. I’m so nervous. This man is so gorgeous. I wish you could see him. He’s Italian and Latino. I’m sorry, what 😩🤤

And funny. Like smart ass funny.

My favorite kind.

Why isn’t his ass texting me back.

Instantly my mind starts telling ghost stories.

Girl, he gonna ghost you.

The self doubt sets it.

What does a chiseled avenger want with a thicc bish like you?

Whatever, get dresses anyways.

If he doesn’t come for you, your girls will. And you can just turn this night into a GNO.



Mother fuck fuck fuckery


Oh shit. It’s him.

“Daddy’s coming, send me the addy”

Ahhhhhh. It’s. Happening.

Trying to find my chill, all I send was my address. Not cute emojis or flirty shit. He can’t know I’m this excited. But like for why. Why have we done this to our selfs. We think we have to hide parts of ourselfs and our emotions to get & keep a man. No wonder people get into relationships and feel like they are dating different people than they fell for. Because they are.

“I’m here. Come outside”

Yes. Daddy. Is.

In your big ass truck.

The Fuck. I wasn’t expecting Mr GQ to be a county boy 😳🤯😩🤤😭👏🏻

I walk around to the passenger said and finally hit his view point. He looks me up and down while biting his lower lip as he holds the door open from the inside.

I decided to wear some ripped back jeans, white booties (classic Molly) a royal blue lace deep cut v body suit (with no bra) & a black leather jacket. I topped it all off with a rose gold chain & dog tags that said “fuck fuckity fuck”

My hair was half waved from braids that were in the night before & messy beach waves.

My lips were glossed.

I hop in and he placed his hand on my knee while he sang along to dan + Shay staring at me. It’s like he couldn’t take his eyes off of me long enough to see the next turn. I could feel them piercing into me even when I wasn’t looking back.

He’s going to be trouble, I thought.

We pull up to the valet and I look around to see where we even are. A steak house. Wtf I thought he said drinks. And I’m in ripped jeans.

I gave him a look like huh? And he whispers “mama you look 🔥 & I have a surprise for you”

We walk in & the hostess immediately says right this way Joel. 😳

Umm what? Am I on some Christian Grey shit tonight or???

We are escorted to the bar where 2 seats are waiting with a bottle of champagne, and multiple appetizers already laid out and waiting on us.

As we sit down, he informs me the GM is one of his clients. Homeboy consults for Major companies.

The more we drink, the less I eat, and the more I can barely breath from this chemistry and tension that’s building up within me.

On paper he’s everything.

In person he’s even more.

And I knew he feels the same way, you can’t deny things that happen when two pair of eyes meet in crowed places. You know the type. When the whole room goes quiet, everything else around the two of you kinda goes dark and it’s like your senses only sense them.

Yeah, it was like that.

The bottles almost gone, and he grabs my knee again under the bar and pulls me towards him. Biting his lip again. He looks down at my necklace that I purposely place in the middle of my deep v neck so that it laid against my bare skin.

He takes his hand and slides it up under my hair around the back of my neck and pulls me in to kiss me. 😮

I’m officially melting into him as we make out at the bar.

We both pull away as we could feel things progressing. He takes the chain in his hands at the front on my neck and follows it down my chest all the way grazing his fingers against my chest until he reaches the dog tags.

He reads what it says and

does this sideways grin.

He looks up at me and says

“I think we should leave, Daddy think’s it’s time to fuck fuckity fuck you.”