The Daddy Diaries: Final Act

I spent the next week and half so fucking confused, I told him I liked him? Isn’t that what he wanted? He was begging for that all week. And of course once he gets it, g h o s t town

Wtf. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄


So like what was his point?

The good ole’ emotional hook?

I keep her emotionally attached so that I can call upon her whenever I need her bullshit?

Fucking stupid

2 & half weeks and still radio silence

Heading into work that morning I get a text, from DADDY👀

Tf could he possibly have to say?

“Hey sorry been all slammed with work and traveling, how are you”

Fool I’m confused, let’s not play dumb is what I wanted to say but I responded


I see those three dots typing

“Yeah, you free later?”

“To talk yes, to fuck, no” I said

“What do you wanna talk about babe?”

The audacity 🤯

“Maybe about how you come in my life like a tornado asking for things you don’t really want & ghosting me as soon as you get said things”

He’s typing

“It’s not like that I promise, I’m just not sure we want the same thing”


Did he not pursue me.

Fucking fuck daddyyy.

“Hmmm” I said

“Let me come over” he responded

“I’d rather you not” is how I ended the conversation

And that was the last I ever heard from him

Ya know until like 2 months later 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Douche bag daddy text coming in hot🔥

A girlfriend of mine and I were out one night at the bars and were dancing at our table and singing along to every song with our white claws in hand (judge me I dare you)

“Looking good girl”

Wtf 👀👀

Is he here???

And there he was. There they both were.

Him and his brother. Greek god looking mother fuckers. The irony in this, was my friend and his brother had semi talked via Instagram DMs that summer.

So this was awkward for all parties involved.

Of course, here comes daddy.

Strolling up to me like the long

lost lover he never had😩😅

We spent most of that night catching up and taking too many shots. The bars were closing and he gave me that look. You know the one.

The one where he asks if we’re gonna fuck without open his lips.👀🤤

I answered with an eye roll and a head nod

Because I got dumb Bitchits

He came over, and he came.

His favorite two things to leave me emotionally attached and open for more “you up” texts in the future. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The next morning he said he would call, I said don’t bother.

He was shocked.

“Don’t be like that Babe”

And I said “don’t call me babe for one, but don’t make promises you never keep for two”

I think he was speechless for once.

I was projecting these boundaries that I had so badly tried to enforce with him, but secretly wish he would shatter them every time

I was so addicted to his lust

(were not calling it love)

When you are used to toxic, you welcome it.

I had never experienced something healthy ..


Until Dr. Long distance 😏🤯🤩

(Coming soon)