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Reputation Relaunch

Reputation Relaunch

and I'm not talking t swift era's

Hiiiiiiiiiii "are you new here?"

I feel new here myself and this is my own fucking blog.

It's be a minnnnnuttte. My last publication was Oct 2021 and prior to that I haven't been consistent with blogging since 2018.

And I feel so far removed from who that girl was, and whom that version of me was.

So consider this a clean slate + catch up blog relaunch.

For those of you are that are OG's and been here since the start everything for me consider this your "Netflix recap"

In 2017 I left my husband at the time, who I had been with for almost 10 years, when my daughter had just turned two.

Months after she was born, he had an ongoing affair with a co worker and I gave that marriage my all to ensure and have a deep knowing that I was walking away with my whole heart and not letting the past join me in my future.

Another divorce I endured in 2017 was in business when I decided to walk away from my first brick and mortar salon that I opened south of Columbus, OH. It was also due to partnerships growing apart, but mostly I had outgrown myself and the life I was living. Those friends and business were no longer serving me... as I am sure I was no longer serving them. If we stayed together it would have cost us all everything

So in a matter of months I became a single mother, starting over, in every aspect of my life.

I briefly moved in with my parents to save my sanity and finances for 6 months before my daughter and I made our move to "the big city"- a.k.a. Columbus.

I grew up always drawn to the city, any city.

The skyscrapers, or as my daughter still calls them to this day - c a s t l. e s

The bright lights, the loud music, the good eats, and cold brew coffees.

However my parents and upbringing unknowingly had me feeling "stuck" most of my life.

I felt shame for dreaming my big city dreams, and like I was betraying my family and their beliefs if I moved.

Which is exactly why I ended up marrying a small town country boy who loathed the city, I'm sure of it. (hiii patterns, we will come back to you)

So after my divorce('s) I knew I had to live my life for ME and me alone.

Unpopular opinion, I didn't even want to live it for my daughter anymore because I strongly believe that if I am operating as the happiest, healthiest, and most whole version of me, she will do as every one of us did as a kid..

monkey see // monkey doooooo

She would grow up creating her own patterns, and choosing herself over everything and everyone else.

My mother, and like many of yours I'm sure; put us before them and their passions. Which in the end has had a long lasting affect on our generation and the inner shame and built up pile of guilt we carry around like an over stuffed carry on through life with us.

So summer 2018, I moved to my dream apartment complex, in my dream neighborhood just blocks away from the city.

Fast forward 1 year, and the perfect Montessori school, just a block away from us had opening and accepted my daughter into 1st grade after staying home during covid.

Fast forward 2 years, and I went from renting a studio, staring my career completely over to opening my 2nd brick and mortar salon on one of those said walkable blocks from my home.

However in order to do so, I have to die a million deaths, endure a couple heartbreaks, and grow tf up a lot. (still growing tbh)

But thanks to the global pandemic & the ability to focus on some of the good things that rose from the covid ashes... I found a space to lease that was my dream salon location in the summer of 2020. My boyfriend (yes bf, coming back to that soon) and I noticed it was for lease one day when the world started opening back up again.

It just so happen to be a salon pre covid, and was a well known salon in the Short North Arts District in the heart of downtown Columbus

These next few sentences will never be able to express the amount of tears, iced coffee, sweat & tequila that was endured in order to open the doors of Salon Echo

Even now, a year & half into business Im still stumbling through things, confronting obstacles and overcoming massive mistakes of my own but Echo is evolving into one of my favorite oasis and places for a collective of entrepreneur’s to own their own businesses working along side each other, immersed in a community of like minded women

The vision is more massive than my mistakes, and as I’m making moves in silence, enjoying my privacy more than I could have ever imagined- those deets will have to be shared once they come to life in the 3D and not just manifesting behind the scenes as I create my next reality 😈

However, the bf


but I swiped right on a Cleveland native who was attending medschool in WV at the time (thanks bumble) January of 2020

we have spent the last 2.5 years long distance and driving through state lines to gain as much quality time as we can during both of us adapting to major careers

he now is going into his 2nd year of gen surg residency, in Detroit, MI (breathe buckeyes, I was never raised a fan & eat your hearts out because he did his undergrad at U of M😬🤘🏻)

thanks to co parenting & my flexible shared parenting schedule of 50/50, I am able to visit him every other weekend during the school year & long weekends during the summer

we travel as much as his insane schedule allows & have fallen in love a dozen times in other cities: Nashville, Austin, Sarasota, Naples, Charolette, Bozeman, Big Sky, & Jackson Hole. Along with two cross country road trips giving us yearssss of growth and depth that surpass the last couple of years

No one ever warns you about the healthy relationships post a lifetime of toxic ones

It’s hard af to re regulate our nervous systems from being raised in chaos + conditional love

To calm & unconditional loves

But it’s been so necessary & one of the biggest parts of my personal growth thats transformed me into this ever evolving person I am becoming

And she’s bringing this blog back to life to take you along for the ride…

…. part II coming soon


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