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Reputation Relaunch

Reputation Relaunch

and I'm not talking t swift era's

Hiiiiiiiiiii "are you new here?"

I feel new here myself and this is my own fucking blog.

It's be a minnnnnuttte. My last publication was Oct 2021 and prior to that I haven't been consistent with blogging since 2018.

And I feel so far removed from who that girl was, and whom that version of me was.

So consider this a clean slate + catch up blog relaunch.

For those of you are that are OG's and been here since the start everything for me consider this your "Netflix recap"

In 2017 I left my husband at the time, who I had been with for almost 10 years, when my daughter had just turned two.

Months after she was born, he had an ongoing affair with a co worker and I gave that marriage my all to ensure and have a deep knowing that I was walking away with my whole heart and not letting the past join me in my future.

Another divorce I endured in 2017 was in business when I decided to walk away from my first brick and mortar salon that I opened south of Columbus, OH. It was also due to partnerships growing apart, but mostly I had outgrown myself and the life I was living. Those friends and business were no longer serving me... as I am sure I was no longer serving them. If we stayed together it would have cost us all everything

So in a matter of months I became a single mother, starting over, in every aspect of my life.

I briefly moved in with my parents to save my sanity and finances for 6 months before my daughter and I made our move to "the big city"- a.k.a. Columbus.

I grew up always drawn to the city, any city.

The skyscrapers, or as my daughter still calls them to this day - c a s t l. e s

The bright lights, the loud music, the good eats, and cold brew coffees.

However my parents and upbringing unknowingly had me feeling "stuck" most of my life.

I felt shame for dreaming m