The Daddy Diaries: Part 5

Holy. Fucking. Shit. 

I’m freaking the fuck out. I can’t believe he said he had the MOST feelings for me. Like wtf? How. You haven’t talked to me in 3 months. But I’d be lying if I didn’t kinda feel the same way, there’s just something about him. 🙈🤷🏻‍♀️ Omg. That’s my phone. It’s him “Getting in my car at the airport now, see you in 10” Fuckkk. I wish had to get ready, or clean, or do fucking something so that I wasn’t just laying here mid panic attack once he arrives. I might pass out before this 10 minutes ends Yup, I can’t breathe Knock Knock knock Shit💀👀 As I answer the door I take a few deep breaths. God he’s hott. “Babe” he says as he pulls me in to hug He’s drunk. I can smell the alcohol on his breath. He starts kissing my neck and making his way to my lips. We barely made it inside and he’s already pushed me up against the wall. I pull back for air, and our eyes meet. I can feel his energy settle as his meet mine. He takes a deep breath, steps back & asks if I have any wine. I grab his hand and lead him into the kitchen. I open up another bottle of my favorite wine and pour him a glass. With a smart ass smirk I say, “let’s try this again. No spilling this time” We both laugh and he sits down at my kitchen island while I’m standing across from him. “So, I have some questions that I need answers to. I wanna know how your mind works” he demands “Okay shoot” I said “Well do you want more kids!?” Oh fuck okay we’re having ‘the’ talk “No I don’t think I do. At least none of my own. I think I’d make a pretty great step mom tho” He sighs with relief. “Okay that’s good, I feel the same way & I’ve really gotten accustomed to my life the way it is, and I can’t picture a baby coming into it” “Same” I replied “Great, glad we’re on the same page, okay next order of business. I don’t even know what your religious beliefs are?!” He said I nodded like okay, hmm we’re going there “Well I’m really spiritual and believe all religions are based off the same principles, and that’s love” He then went on to tell me he believes the same things and he’s glad we’re on the same page with everything. He couldn’t believe how easy that conversation was and he’s excited to see where things go between us Meanwhile I’m still in shock, like what things? Are there things? We haven’t talked in months and this is all out of no where. Wtf. I’m not sure I feel the same way anymore. But I definitely feel the same way about his dick, so imma pause all these logic thoughts for the night and take his ass to the bedroom. We laid there heavy and out of breath after. Sweating & panting, as he holds my hand he says as he shakes it “these claws really have a hold on me” Still amazed I ask “why?” “Idk, that’s why I had to see you as soon as I got back, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I actually wasn’t even intimate with anyone else” he says In my head I’m thinking ‘lies’ “And before you call me a liar, I mean it. You don’t have to believe me, but I have nothing to hide. I’ve had offers, like I’m sure you have to” he continues I then go on to tell him “I’m flattered but I have to think things over and see where my heads at, and I have some fwb’s I would need to tie up some loose ends with first” 😅 He nodded and kissed the back of my hand, since he was still holding it. We laid there talking about what we had been up to the last few months & ended up dozing off in each other’s arms. I wake up the next morning and start getting ready for work. I always wake up before him. And I feel like I have the most energy in those morning moments to be productive. That pussy power is real when She’s un leashed. 😏 I can hear him finally stirring in the bedroom and about drool when he walks out still naked, with messy hair, and his glasses on 🤤🤤🤤🤤 “Morning babe” he says as he walks towards me “Hey sleeping beauty” I respond right before he leans in to kiss me “I was thinking we should hang out this weekend, I have my son but after he goes to bed you can come over and I’ll make us dinner” he says... “Really? Yeah maybe we can see how the weekend goes, just let me know” I replied What. The. Fuck. He wants to me to come over while he’s son home. I would never even do that with my daughter. Okay maybe what he’s feeling isn’t bullshit. 🤔 The next two day’s go by & we stay in constant communication with texting and calling often. He kept planning dinner for the weekend and telling me things he was going to cook for me, meanwhile asking me how I feel and if I wanted to pursue things more with him I could tell he was getting frustrated that I hadn’t been all in from the moment he text me from the plane. He’s probably not used to women NOT throwing themselves at him That Saturday comes around & I text him this brief but to the point message about how “I do have the same feelings and I would love to see where things go & I can wait to taste him, I mean dinner later tonight” And that’s when the ghost stories begin 👻