The Daddy Diaries: Part 4

The daddy diaries part 4 I race home to beat him, and pick up my place a little from the night before. As I’m re making the bed I hear a knock at my door 🙈👀 “Come in” I scream And in walks d a d d y “Hey babe, how was work” 😩😍 melt my damn heart This just feels so good, comfortable and easy And hot, sexy, and steamy He immediately embraces me and starts kissing on my neck Then proceeds to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder He tossed me on the bed and we started making out We spent the next couple hours taking our time with each other & building up to the main event, which was earth shattering I have a huge 4 poster metal bed and with every motion the corners of it would hit the wall So between that and him say “call me daddy, louder, louder” my neighbors eventually started banging back on the wall to acknowledge we were being too loud🙈 But that didn’t stop us, I swear it made him want to be louder. After we just both laid there, motionless, and breathing heavy holding each other I started running my fingers through his hair and playing with his beard  as we talked about our day’s and some of our favorite travel experiences The rest of the day we just watched shows, shoved our faces, and shared things about our pasts with one another It was one of those moments in most relationships where you look back and remember, reflect on, and be like that’s when I knew we had something different And it’s crazy because it was technically still our first date. As the night sky covered like a midnight colored blanket I was getting so sleepy and kept dozing off and told him he didn’t have to stay if he had other plans He said “it is guys night, but I don’t mind skipping for snuggles with you” Immediately I hopped up and started gathering his stuff, and was like “no go! I want you to go be with your boys. We have plenty of time to get spend together in the future” He fought me on it for like 20 mins but finally decided to go. “Daddy will call you later” he said after he kissed me goodbye I shut the door, and headed to the shower 🚿 As I was getting ready to step in my phone starts ringing. It’s him. 👀😍 And he is trying to FaceTime 😳🙈 I answered “miss me already?” “Actually yeah, I can turn around, lemme turn around” Inside I’m like yes yes yes please. But I don’t wanna be that chick the he dips out on his scheduled guys night for immediately. I think it’s important to have space and spend time with friends. Especially this quickly, I know I needed to process what happened the last 24 hours and the only way I was going to do that was to be away from him, so I say.. “No babe go enjoy, we can hang out tomorrow” “Ugh fine! But prop your phone on the shelf behind you so I can shower with you” Ummm😅🤩🙈 okayyy😍🤔 So that happened 👅 And yes, I made it worth it while 💋🤭 That next morning I wake up expecting a good morning text, but the only text I had was from my mom telling me they were calling for snow ❄️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ #momthemeteorologist I was busy in the salon that whole day & hardly checked my phone. So when the day was coming to a close and I was cleaning up for the night, I expected to have a few texts from him, but still nothing Once I got home and settled I text him, because I’m not one to wait for them to text me if I wanna talk to them. I don’t support the games or not doing something you want to because society says you shouldn’t. “Hey daddy, thanks for that epic first date. Hope guys night was a success. Let me know what you wanna do this weekend, I’m kid free and all yours” Delivered at 9:23 pm Still on delivered at 12:49 am Wowww. Okay next morning and I’m still on delivered at 8:03 am The fears and past patterns set in, am I getting ghosted, did I get used, was it all in my head? Da Fuck The whole weekend passes & come Monday when my daughter comes home I go to check for the last time before writing it off as another ghost story and I see that it’s been read. 10 minutes ago. Wtf. Do I say something else or leave it be? F U C K! I look down and see that he’s typing “Hey mama, I’m so sorry I went mia. It’s been a really crazy weekend and shits been fucked up since the night I left you. I can explain everything if you don’t hate me” I immediately responded after some deep breaths and said “yeah boo, what’s going on? You ok?” “Can I just call” he says I double rapped his text with the thumbs up and I swear before I could even close out of the message he was FaceTiming me Damn he looks good, but like not himself. I could tell something serious is going on “Hi babe, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to give you the attention you deserve and I’m not sure I’ll be able to be what you need right now. My friend passed away the other day, during guys night” “Wait what?”😳😭 “Yeah it was a freak accident and one of my boys fell at the bar, and went home and ended up having a brain aneurysm. I’m fucked up over it” “Omg Joel, of course you are. I can’t even imagine. I am so sorry! Damn. What can I do?” He starts choking up. I can tell he’s holding back tears. “Listen, take as much time as you need. I’m always here for you, and I wanna be there for you but if you need to do this alone I understand” “Yeah babe, I’m just super emo about this kinda shit and don’t wanna bring you down and have you think differently of me” “I would never, but I understand. Don’t worry about it, promise. Let me know if you need anything” And just like that, he was gone. Like a ghost, but not ghosted. I’m so glad he confronted me, and I can’t believe he’s fucking dealing with this. Fuck. Months passed and most weeks he would cross my mind. I just can’t shake this connection and wish we could have explored it more. I would occasionally see his Instagram post, (by see I mean drool over) and watch his stories if they popped up. I noticed he was in Cali, for quite a long time. He used to live there. I wondered if he moved back? I slide up on the next story I see and ask “move back?” He immediately responded “naw just been working here for a couple months” “Ahhh nice. Jealous” I said I had no intentions of saying anything more, but bing. I get another notification from him. He slid up on one of my stories “You’re so beautiful” 😩😩😩😍 “Thanks babe, pretty handsome yourself” Great now I’m mind fucked and day dreaming about him and our 🔥🔥🔥 sex again. All day everyday. 😅🙈 Not. Kidding. Over the next couple weeks, I may or may not have used memories of our sex as my spank bank 🤭🤫🤤 Omg omg omg omg He. Just. Text. Me. It’s been 3 weeks. I’m scared to open it. Fuckkkkkkk 😱 “I’m boarding my last flight of the day and my next stop is Columbus. I need to see you. Are you kid free?” 😳😍🤩😱 O. M. G. Is this real life? “Yeah I don’t have her for 2 more nights” “Good answer. But Molly, you should know I have the most feelings for you. You have a hold on me, and I need to know how your mind works and have some serious questions for you, when I get home” “Are you drunk?” “No. I’m being serious. You intrigue me and I wanna get to know you more, can I come to you as soon as my plan lands?” “Yes, daddy. Yes you can” I responded. Que the song ‘Make Out With Me’ by Maren Morris while you wait for part 5🤭😂👏🏻🎼