The Daddy Diaries: Part 3

Even though I only lived 5 blocks away from the restaurant, it was the longest, most anticipated ride ever. We just kept eye fucking the shit out of each other & I’m pretty sure I was already wet from just looking at him 🙈 (no tmi’s here) As we enter I say “do you want wine” and he said “ I just wanna make you you whine” 😅🤤 He started ripping my clothes off and carrying me to the bedroom, with my legs wrapped around him and his hands under my ass while making out with me. Sloppy. So sloppy. And so good. I loved feeling his beard pressed against face as we kissed. He threw me around the bed and for the next hour and half he made fantasies come true that I never knew I had. It was the most dirty sensual sex I’d ever had & I gladly called him daddy. We laid there afterwards, both in that post but clarity state of mind (you know the kind) and he kissed me on the forehead and said “so how about that wine” I get up, put a robe on and pour us some glasses while he gets dressed. As were standing at my kitchen island he goes to take his first sip and walks around the side that I’m standing on to be next to me & somehow manages to trip. 😂 The fuck. Homeboy goes Splat. He catches himself from fully going down as he braces his hands on my fridge but his glass and all the delicious blackberry wine in it splatters all over my wall and his cream sweater he was wearing under his navy blazer🤦🏻‍♀️ The mother in me instantly said “take it off I’ll wash it” he laughs and goes “yeah I know mamas got some oxyclean in here somewhere, got a sweatshirt I can wear?” I throw his in the load and grab and old hoodie of mine & we try the wine again, but snuggle up on the couch watching the office and finally getting to know each other. Nothing like fucking before you know how to pronounce his last name 😋😂 We stayed up most of the night talking about our dreams, fears, and goals for our careers. Once he fell asleep I laid there briefly before dozing off myself, just staring at him, in all his bearded, Calvin Klein briefs + my sweatshirt glory 🤩 The next morning we wake up, morning breath and all and start making out. I could stay in this moment forever. He looks at me and says “I don’t wanna go, but I have to go, but I’m coming back” In confusion, I’m like huh? “You’re coming back?” “Yeah babe, we’re not done here. In fact we’re just getting started, but I have to go read at my sons school this morning. Can I borrow one of your daughters books?” As he rummages through the bookshelf I start getting dressed for work. “Cat in the hat will do” he says loudly from the other room. I just chuckle. Like how cute is this daddy, like actually a daddy. I love that we have parenthood in common. And the fact that our kids are only a few weeks apart. We walk out to our cars together, and kiss goodbye. As we kiss he grabs my ass and pulls me in closer. As I go to pull away he whispers in my ear, “daddy will call you later.” All morning at work I just couldn’t stop smiling. Half way through the day he texts me a picture of him and and his son holding my daughters Dr Seuss book 😩😩😩 melt my freaking heart why don’t ya ♥️🥰 We continued to text off an on & as I was finishing up at the salon he calls me as I’m checking out my last client. The screen lights up and we both glance down at it and just bust out laughing. My client looks up at me and goes “um daddy’s calling” 😂 and she damn well knew it wasn’t my father as I had his picture saved and it popped up too🙈😋 On the way home I called him back & we made plans to hang out again and meet at my place for lunch. We decided to order a bunch of carry out and just stay in bed the rest of the day until adulthood came knocking the next morning. Like. Is. This. Happening. 🙈🤩😳🤤 As I pull into my place I see my phone light up with his name, and it says “daddy’s on his way” Fuck. Why is this daddy shit such a turn on to me. Like I can’t even fucking deal with it. I feel like most people find it strange. Calling their lovers, daddy. But honestly I’ve hardly used that word in all my 30 years. My actual dad wasn’t a big part of my life from 7 on. And even during my childhood I can’t remember calling him daddy very often. By the time I was 10 my mom had re married and as my step dad, I always just called him by his first name. So the daddy thing has never been Paternal for me, it’s sexual 😈 #daddyissues