The Daddy Diaries

This is going to be a four part fictional blog series that’s 80% the truth. I gotta protect the dicks I speak of & might combine multiple experiences I’ve had to collectively make up one person on the story. But this is for all you babes who fell for a fuck daddy, like me. It’s 2020, we’re not playing with fuck boys anymore. Let’s give credit where credits do, they are for sure, fuck daddies. They are grown ass, ambitious, bearded (in my case) men. Or women. I know plenty of men who experience the same things I do with women. It’s not the gender I’m referring to here, it’s their soul. However these diaries are from my perspective, and in this life, as a 31 year old single mama divorcee’ I speak fluent in dicks. Back to the fuck daddies. And though from the surface they appear to have their shit together, they provide for themself, they enjoy travel, they drive nice cars, some are great part time fathers... but if you look deeper they are emotionally unavailable. For millions of reasons ranging from past heartbreaks, parental conditioning, or simply put, they are not your person. Therefore God/The Universe (whatever higher power your identity with) protects you from getting involved too deep, and keeps you from going past anything physically, because it’s a free world after all. We can make our own decisions. But sometimes there are greater forces at work in our lives. So that “fuck boy” you can’t stop crawling back to, or that person you keep repeating cycles with is actually a decent human being and you sometimes need to separate your ego from you soul. Acknowledge them, see them, and accept them for exactly the person they are. Not the interpretation of them in your mind that you are idealizing. And know they are apart of your path, they are helping to build the next version of you. I know, because I’ve done this. Time and time again. One fuck daddy after another. It’s a pattern I only recently broke as I walked into this new year. I left a trail of empty relationships that no longer served me in 2019. But this one, this specific one, is a tail of the OG daddy. Welcome to part 1 of 4. The Daddy Diaries. Vol No. 1 I sat in the middle of a furry cloud on my all white bed swiping left and right on bumble. Mostly left. Like do these guys not know how unattractive it is to post pictures of them with other girls in their profile, or that we swipe left on them when they only have pics in hats and sunglasses? Left. Left. Left. Oh fuck. Right !!!!!! Please match me. Please match me. Ahhhhh instant match 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I slide into my covers and wiggle my shoulders back into my pillows comfortably. Positioning myself perfectly to have a serious stalking sesh on this bearded Greek god looking mother fucker, who’s profile I just stumble upon. (Thank you sweet baby Jesus) He’s a dad 😳😩 check He’s a successful business man 😍 check He’s witty with him captions 👏🏻 check He’s into Karaoke and dancing 😋🔥check He’s giving me all the Thor from avengers vibes 🤭🤤 check check Cozy AF in my downtown apartment, with my cat purring at my feet, my inner dialogue begins... Okay. Okay Molls. What do we say? Let’s be sexy. No witty. No passive aggressive. No. I know. Let’s go with our famous one line opener ... “That beard tho😍” Yeah yeah yeah, insert face palm emoji here. Beards are my weakness. Beards are like how women catfish with makeup. What’s under there? Who were you before the beard? Because we all know beards and makeup bring out a different bitch in us🤣 Oh fuck, he responded. “Yeah, it’s gotten me in trouble a time or two” Fuckkkk me. He knows he’s hot. And I think that’s so hott. Sue me. Got that daddy energy 🔥 Okay okay, play cute now Molly: “Hiiiii” Oh shit he’s typing. “Damn, you’re a mom, business owner & fine as hell. Do I propose now or on our first date” Oh he’s smoothhhh. And I’m dumb. Falling over every word like a new born baby calf. “Could say the same about you handsome. And my ring size is 7 1/2 ♥️” Nice. Just enough compliments and sass. Well done slut. Fuck, homeboy is eager. “What’s your number?” This escalated quickly. 🙈 I don’t know about you sis, but I usually keep those boys in my little bumble box for a week or so, then upgrade them to my social media. Then let me have my contact info. Just my MO. As “Maybe: Joel” pops up on my screen I eagerly sit back up in my bed as if it will help me focus more. 😂 “Hey wifey” his text read As my dumb Bitchits sinks in, and my heart melts I respond with “ finally hubs” We spent the next 20 minutes or so covering our bases. Kids. Work. Hometowns. Where we lived now. Favorite places we traveled. Blah blah blah. You know the drill. So. Fucking. Much. Was. Aligned. We had our kids the same days of the week. We both had 4 year olds (a month apart) We both lived downtown. We were both from the same are. We were the same age. We both loved California & could live there. We were entrepreneurs. Us millennials go on first dates from the comfort of our own homes now days. Making our actually first dates, like date # 4. (And we wonder why so many of us fuck on the first night) Exhibit A: Our insane attraction to one another and our intense conversational chemistry lead to sexting after the 1st hour of texting. As we are making plans for a first date that ended with us at my place the next night, he smoothly says “send me a pic so I can save it under your contact info” I immediately open my camera roll, and am scrolling so fast back to the summer months from the prior year, for this certain photo from the taylor swift concert. My hairs jet black and beachy, tits are out, legs look long, boots are white (staple in my life 😂) lips are red. Ah. Found it. Sent! “Damn mama, okay hold on let me find one for ya” The. Anticipation. Is. Killing. Me. (as if all the pics on his profile weren’t enough) I wonder if he will be shirtless. I hope he’s smiling. He has a gorgeous smile. Atttttt lastttt (in my most Etta James voice) Beard😍 check Smile 😍 check Black & white photo 😍😍 check “Damn your self daddy” Omg did I just call him daddy? Fuck. I wish I could unsend that. I’ve never called anyone that before in my life. Well not directly to them. Not even know own father. He was always dad or “Louie” (daddy issues, another blog series I’m sure 😅) He’s typing. Fuck. 🤭🤞🏻 “Do you like to ....” And he goes into an insanely descriptive sex scenario about eating ass😳 Again, my dumb Bitchits was showing because I responded with “I’d do anything you asked me to..” He then quickly replied with “then you can call me daddy” [part 2 coming soon]