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Open letter to all the fuckboys you’ve ever caught feelings for:

I made a promise to myself years ago

To never fall for someone

Someone, who made me feel like

I was hard to love

But here I am on the brink of falling

So if I am

If I am hard to love

(for your small minded heart)

If I am too much, or not enough

(for your insecurities)

If I’m not H E R

Find the courage within to say so,

And let me go

Don’t string me along

Just to stroke your ego

(or your dick)

Don’t keep me close to fill voids on

The nights you feel most alone

(or horny)

I am made for great love

I AM great love

So if you can’t see me,

Me being yours

Release me to be another man’s great love

.... but

But if you can

If I’m H E R

(show me)

Before I start making good on the promises I make to myself.

Photography by Marcy Harris Ortiz of The Coterie Columbus

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