If the strongest vibration you are offering about relationships, business, and life is the absence of the thing you desire


Then it’s not possible for the presence of the relationship, business, or life you desire to manifest


The vibrations are too far apart


You can’t find the solution to any problem when the problem is the most active vibration within your soul


Wanna learn how I manifested the man of my dreams?

The sex life I’ve always wanted?

The love I’ve always deserved?


The salon I've always wanted?

The tribe of women in my empire?


The confidence you all often dm me about? 

This course, this container allows you to not just scroll and consume my content, my to be in my energy, get my eyes on your birth charts, your personal situations and struggles

This course allows you to be in a safe space, with women who are aligned and just like you, wanting to manifest the life of your dreams, together

This course will allow you more space, more capacity, and more perspective to build and become the woman you are meant to be instead of staying the woman society has forced you to become. 


Want to share this experience with a friend, sister, or co worker?

I am breaking the coaching industry mold and offering this program as a 

You and your bestie can split the cost ($600 each) or you can pay full price ($1200) and gift a spot to someone for free. 


This is about my mission, sharing my message, more than it is about the money.I want to make a difference, and I know my experiences, my knowledge and my perspectives can