Psst, you. Yes you!

Do you invest in everyone else but yourself?

Where are YOU on your own to do list?

If you are anything like me, I was always last. 

I always put everyones need above me


Until I found myself in a failing marriage,

in business with 'friends' who were no longer my friends

and contemplating life itself.

I knew something had to change, I knew I had to change. 

And it was making myself a priority,

and investing in ME that changed my life most. 

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Clarity Calls : $397

This investment takes place over a 4 week period and we will touch base once a week and do two one on one calls during that time to ensure you are doing that work to see the results you deserve 

3 Month Mastermind:$597

This investment is for 12 weeks and takes place inside a private Facebook group. You will collectively heal with like minded women in a safe environment with massive amounts of support from myself and my team. 

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