Psst, you. Yes you!

Do you invest in everyone else but yourself?

Where are YOU on your own to do list?

If you are anything like me, I was always last. 

I always put everyones need above me


Until I found myself in a failing marriage,

in business with 'friends' who were no longer my friends

and contemplating life itself.

I knew something had to change, I knew I had to change. 

And it was making myself a priority,

and investing in ME that changed my life most. 


Mindset Mentor


Where your head and your heart rise in love

Month to Month Mentoring $397 



This investment takes place over a 2 calls bi weekly with constant support in between each call right in your own IG Dm's. 4 weeks is a great starting point to ensure you are doing that work to see the results you deserve. You can cancel anytime!

3 Month Membership​ $997



This investment is for 12 weeks and takes place inside your IG dm's and on zoom as you will have direct access to me the entire time and you will receive 6 one on one private coaching calls. You will be able to heal in a safe environment with massive amounts of support from myself and my team. 

Card Readings $57

I have always had a love for all things tarot and oracle. With this investment you will send me your full name and D.O.B.and with 48 hours I will pull 5-8 cards for you and send you voice memos of the meaning and what's coming up for you in the present moment. You can ask any questions and we can focus of specific topics if you have a certain situation you need clarity about.